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At Alternative Engineering we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of new technology and keeping a healthy R&D section active to constantly improve what we do and how we do it.


Whatever you need, we can provide. With engineering solutions that cross industries, materials, products and processes, we can advise or consult on any problem or question.


With reliable, friendly and innovative people, we invite you to get in touch and find out how Alternative Engineering can improve productivity and efficiency for your business.

Our approach

Accurate, efficient and high quality engineering outcomes

Alternative Engineering is dedicated to expertise and efficiency by bringing the best of machining know-how together with new technologies and materials and understanding their application in a modern industrial and economic landscape.

This enables us to provide a reliable and professional engineering service that supports our clients' need for timely response, technical expertise and quality industrial engineering outcomes. It helps to ensure their production processes are fully supported against down-time, potential OH&S issues and we are able to innovate during times of proactive change.

It is this combination of in-depth technical expertise and responsive service that our clients rely on for continuous and improved production.

Innovative solutions people

Our people are not only experts in mechanical engineering, innovative design and quality engineering solutions, they are also proactive partners who provide a timely and accurate response to our clients' needs. Our clients trust us to be there for them to solve issues and assist with continuous improvements. They have come to trust the quality of our service and solutions, our ability to solve complex technical problems and effectively liaise with a broad range of staff during large scale implementations.

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Streamline your production process with Alternative Engineering

Quality of product and efficient turn around are crucial to our service commitment. Our level of technical expertise helps enhance the competitiveness of our clients through innovative and high quality engineering solutions that assists in increasing production output, streamlining processes and reducing costs.

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