Engineering Plastics Materials: Advanced Polyethelenes
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Advanced Polyethylenes

Polyethylene has numerous uses in engineering applications. The assistance of fillers and numerous manufacturing techniques create a wide range of materials available.
  • Polystone Marinetec          White, Stippled finish
  • Polystone Playtec              Colour, Stippled finish
  • Polystone Ultra                  UHMWPE Ultraslip Green (9.2 mil g/mol)
  • Polystone 7000SR              UHMWPE Black, Static Reduced (9.2 mil g/mol)
  • Polystone M-Slide              UHMWPE Dark grey, Solid lubricant
  • Polystone M-Flametec       UHMWPE Modified, Underground mine approved
  • Polystone Ezyslide             UHMWPE Modified, Pale green (9.2 mil g/mol)
  • Polystone Matrox               Specially formulated premium grade UHMWPE
  • Polystone 8000+                UHMWPE Blue, Organic Filler
  • Polystone Fender Grade    UHMWPE Black, Marine Fendering
  • Polystone Ezyslide Lining Systems    UHMWPE
  • Polystone Foamlite ECO     FGH Black, Stippled Finish