CNC routing services to improve the quality and functionality of your parts 

You want your furniture, machinery and structural parts to be of the highest quality. Most of all – you want to ensure they fit together with 100% accuracy. This is where CNC routing comes into play.

At Alternative Engineering we cut, shape, drill, mill and surface your materials using our CNC routing machines. We can shape and profile plywood, plastic, MDF, chipboard, MFC and many other materials.

Send through your designs and we will machine your part

Email or fax your design through and we will advise you as to the best material choice for your part. If your design could benefit from some refining you can also take advantage of our design and technical consultation services.

We keep you informed 

Different CNC routing jobs require different sized cutters. The smaller the cutter, the more we have to slow the cutting speed to avoid breaks.

Our ordering and consultation process means that you will always be informed about the details of your routing job, with clear explanations of requirements and timelines.

CNC Routing Melbourne

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