Accurate measuring using the Romer Arm

ROMER portable arm allows you to take measurements directly in the manufacturing environment, where process improvements are the most beneficial.

Alternative Engineering is aware that every hundredth of a millimetre counts when it comes to precision manufacturing. A minor misalignment can cause manufacturing impairments, damages or even breakages to your production. That’s why part of our process is to accurately measure your machines and components.

Alternative Engineering use a ROMER Arm to accurately measure parts and equipment for manufacturing.

Quick, light, mobile and precise- that’s what makes the ROMER Arm so special.

What is the Romer Arm?

A ROMER Arm is a portable, coordinate measuring machine which allows precise and accurate measurements of an object.

The ROMER Arm can move in three-dimensional space forward/backward, up/down, left/right combined with rotation about three perpendicular axes. The physical arrangement of the arm is much like a human arm, with a wrist, forearm, elbow which allows intricate measurement in confined spaces.

The ROMER Arm can be used for a range of applications including quality control, inspection, on-machine verification, reverse engineering or 3D modelling.

This allows Alternative Engineering to produce the most accurate information for manufacturing.

Romer Arm Measurements

Jarred Baines measuring change parts using the ROMER Absolute Arm

Using the ROMER for change part manufacturing

When Alternative Engineering measure for change parts we aren’t just copying existing parts for manufacture. This can cause a ‘Chinese Whispers’ effect on the new change parts. Any wear & tear or inaccuracies with the original parts will get transferred to the newly manufactured ones. This will, in turn, cause the same issues you were already having.

Alternative Engineering doesn’t just manufacture to a standard ‘Blueprint’ either. In our experience, machines can sustain damage and wear over its life which alters its shape. Slight changes in machine alignment are often hard to detect. Working off an exact copy or replica of your current parts will cause further issues. The ROMER arm allows Alternative Engineering to take measurements directly in the manufacturing environment where process improvement is most beneficial.

This is where the ROMER Arm gives Alternative Engineering an advantage.

Jarred Baines, one of our project engineers has stated that ‘By mapping out the actual layout of the machine we ensure that new parts are tailored to suit. This results in fewer inaccuracies and higher stability.’ We can recreate the correct bottle path to ensure maximum efficiencies.

‘The fact that the ROMER Arm is an extremely portable solution means it can be brought directory onto the factory floor providing the most accurate 3D Measurements of your machine,’ he said.

When you require new change parts Alternative Engineering will make an onsite visit with our ROMER arm. Bringing the ROMER directly to your bottling line to get exact 3D measurements which we can then make CAD images and simulations to see how they work.

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