The importance of upgrading machinery

Alternative Engineering is pleased to announce the arrival of our new CNC Mill. 

For those of you who are not familiar with CNC Milling, this is the process of using computer technology to control the machine tools. Tools that can be controlled in this manner include lathes, mills, routers, and grinders. Alternative Engineering finds the use of CNC machining particularly useful as our clients need large amounts of metal and plastic parts, often in complex shapes.

Benefits of using a CNC Mill

Benefits of using a CNC Mill
•Precision- this process is more precise than manual machining
•Uniformity- can be used for multiple uniform products
•Complexity- can process complex 3D shapes
•Capability- CNC machines create outputs that cannot be replicated by manual machines
•Safety- While there are operators involved in CNC Machining, it’s at a distance from the sharp tools
•Design Retention- being a computer program it’s easy to retrieve the design to run and create the object again

CNC Machine Alternative Engineering

Our new CNC Mill ready to be commisioned 

Alternative Engineering is aware of the importance of upgrading manufacturing equipment.
Not only is upgrading about innovation but it is also about understanding how wear and tear can affect productivity, safety, and quality. Our clients require us to operate faster, more accurately and more reliably than ever before. Any halt in production can cause a ripple effect on their customers.

By upgrading equipment here at Alternative Engineering we are able to expand our productivity levels. Not only by creating multiple uniform pieces but the complexity of our work will also increase. We will be able to accurately and efficiently design and manufacture precision machined components for our clients that will be dispatched in a faster time frame. Not only that, but the safety of our employees is paramount to the quality of our work. By upgrading our equipment we are able to increase the OH&S standards in our factory.

If you require precision machined components expertly designed and manufactured call Alternative Engineering on 1300 558 220 to speak to one of our friendly sales consultants now!

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