Improving quality and performance across industries

At Alternative Engineering, we value long and fruitful relationships with companies across a broad range of industry. We have found practical solutions, provided innovative design and addressed production and productivity issues for a large range of applications including timely sourcing and supply of consumables.

We are committed to providing you with

  • Technical expertise and high quality engineering outcomes
  • Innovative and detailed designs
  • Timely response to support requests
  • Expert and practical advice
  • Consultative and professional approach to achieving your goals

Innovation with practical application

New technologies continue to develop and Alternative Engineering strives to stay at the forefront of applicable advances through our active R&D department. However, our focus on innovation draws heavily on our solid foundations of technical knowledge and practical application within our client’s environments.

We are interested in innovation and new technology that will assist your company, project or industry to perform better and achieve tangible production, product or process goals. We work closely with you to ensure our part in the process is practical and valuable.

As your engineering partner, we take pride in providing our technical expertise, an open and professional working relationship, and identifying the best practical solutions for your requirements.