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Accurate and reliable engineering outcomes for the bottling industry

How We Help

Having a reliable and efficient production for your bottling and canning line is essential for ease of operation. Your bottling and canning lines produce thousands of products a week. In this high filling, fast moving environment any down time can become a costly expense.

At Alternative Engineering, our expertise in bottling and container handling enables us to provide professional engineering solutions for the bottling industry. 

Alternative Engineering can provide solutions that encompass engineering design, detailed documentation, quality control and responsive project management.

Your Benefits

  • Accurate design and measurement
  • Engineering expertise
  • Fast supply of spare parts
  • Increased production efficiencies
  • Industry experience 
  • Onsite consultation 
  • Performance improvements
  • Quick turnaround 
  • Reduced change over times
  • Reduced OH&S issues

Case Study

The Bottling Industry

Within a manufacturing facility that produces thousands of bottles per hour, a breakdown in machinery or even the routine work of replacing parts can mean production downtime that can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in potential losses. Find out how Alternative Engineering has helped a bottling client solve this issue, which resulted to the 10% increase in production line the client now enjoys.

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Our Clientele

  • Amcor
    Boundary Bend Olives
    Brown Brothers
    Carlton and United Breweries
    Casella Wines
    Castlemaine Perkins
    Coca Cola
    De Bortoli Wines
  • Diageo
    Golden Circle
    Harvey Fresh
    Murray Goulburn
  • Procal
    Treasury Wine Estates

Product Examples

Alternative Engineering Product Example - Change Parts

Change Parts

Alternative Engineering have a long history of engineering accurate and high quality change parts. We are aware that the timely manufacturing of change parts is crucial for your business to meet its production goals. Any down time caused by faults, breakages or wear and tear can be costly.

Alternative Engineering are able to efficiently and accurately design and manufacture change parts to your exact specifications. Using local engineers to design and innovate processes for your company we are able to significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

Alternative Engineering Product Example - Timing Screws

Timing Screws

Split Second accuracy in container handling is crucial to the success of your bottling line, which means timing screws become one of the most important aspects on your production line.

Alternative Engineering can engineer feed screws to suit all your container handling requirements.
We can design timing screws to suit a new application or reverse engineering to suite your existing equipment.
We can design timing screws to feed into change parts, sort containers, rotate containers or to simply space containers and set pitch.

We use a variety of materials that provide superior wearability and also to provide protection for the most delicate containers.

Alternative Engineering Product Example - Container Inverter

Container Inverter

Alternative Engineering can custom manufacture container inverters to suit a variety of containers ready for cleaning, drying and filling. Our container inverters are made out of quality engineered plastics for reliability and wearability.

Our engineers are able to design new inverters to your specifications or reverse engineer from existing equipment.