PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) products offer the broadest resistance to chemicals of any advanced engineering plastic. They have no known solvents below 392°F (200°C) and offer inertness to steam, strong bases, fuels and acids. Minimal moisture absorption (see Figure 21) and a very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, combined with Quadrant’s proprietary stress relieving processes, make these PPS products ideally suited for precise tolerance machined components. In addition, PPS products exhibit excellent electrical characteristics and are inherently flame retardant.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Essentially zero moisture absorption
  • Machines to tight tolerances
  • Excellent alternative to PEEK at lower temperatures

Techtron® PPS

Unlike reinforced PPS products, Techtron® PPS is easily machined to close tolerances. It is ideal for structural applications in corrosive environments or as a PEEK replacement at lower temperatures. Techtron® PPS is off white in color.

40% Glass-Reinforced Quadrant PPS

This product is the most recognized PPS. It is compression molded and offers better dimensional stability and thermal performance than Techtron® PPS and maintains its strength to above 425°F (220°C).

Bearing-Grade Quadrant PPS

This grade is an internally lubricated and carbon fiber reinforced compression molded PPS offering a low coefficient of thermal expansion and uncompromised chemical resistance. It is well suited for and wear applications or when an electrically conductive material is required.

Techtron® HPV

Techtron® HPV exhibits excellent wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction. It overcomes the disadvantages of virgin PPS caused by a high coefficient of friction, and of glass fibre reinforced PPS which can cause premature wear of the counterface in moving-part applications.