Material Recommendation - Step 3

Consider chemicals to which the material will be exposed during use and cleaning.

Alternative Engineering provides chemical compatibility information as a guideline in this brochure although it can be difficult to predict since concentration, temperature, time and stress each have a role in defining suitability for use. Nylon, acetal and Ertalyte® PET-P are generally suitable for industrial environments. Crystalline high performance materials such as Fluorosint® filled PTFE, Techtron® PPS and Ketron™ PEEK are more suitable for aggressive chemical environments (See Figure 5). We strongly recommend that you test under end-use conditions. Specific chemical resistance can be found on the property comparison chart.

The melting point of crystalline materials and glass transition temperature of amorphous materials are the short-term temperature extremes to which form stability is maintained. For most engineering plastic materials, using them at or above these temperatures should be avoided.

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