Polycarbonate is the highest impact of any thermoplastic. It is stain resistant, non-toxic and its outstanding dimensional and thermal stability make it appropriate for the most demanding machining. 

Its strength means it is uniquely positioned to be impressively shatter and smash resistant. Polycarbonate is also highly regarded for its exceptional clarity.

The different grades of polycarbonate are useful for a range of different applications such as:

  • Machine grade
  • Window grade
  • Glass filled  


  • Easy to machine – chip, split and break resistant
  • High impact (virtually unbreakable)
  • Excellent for electrical applications
  • High gloss finish
  • Can be bonded, cemented and welded by mechanical, chemical and electronic means
  • Appropriate for painting, printing and vacuum metallising
  • Can be UV stabilised

Polycarbonate has a powerful range of properties and applications, however, it is not appropriate for every part or component. Its poor chemical resistance impacts the applications it is best used for.

Our Services:

  • Provide polycarbonate in sheet, rod, tube and plate form
  • Machine replacement parts for you based on your existing parts
  • Advise about grade of polycarbonate that will best suit your needs
  • Consult with you about new design or fabrication needs

Polycarbonate is outstanding for use in the medical, industrial, automotive, aeronautical industries. It is highly recommended for lenses, windows, shields and any component that requires transparency, clarity and high visibility.

Please contact us about best practice design, fabrication and application.