Why polyurethane materials are in high use & demand

The big key to polyurethane materials is versatility. Polythers perform extremely well as part of any application that is subject to dynamic stress. They provide many advantages including: resilience, high tear resistance, low viscosity and low heat build-up.

The benefits of polyurethane products and materials:

  • Hardness
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Dry heat tolerant
  • Tolerant to low temperatures
  • High load bearing capability
  • Impact resistant
  • Will not degrade when exposed to oxygen or ozone
  • Mildew, fungus and mould resistant
  • Flame, radiation and water resistant
  • Will not degrade in contact with chemicals, oil or grease
  • Excellent bonding capabilities
  • Excellent flex properties including high tear and tensile strength

Can be used for a number of applications including noise reduction, insulation and more…

Are you aware of the range of applications polyurethane materials are used for?

Because the development of polyurethane materials is still evolving, new applications regularly become relevant. If you have any questions at all about how polythers could improve the performance, economy or efficiency of your production, please get in touch. We can advise about any aspect of your production and provide fast answers, friendly service and powerful solutions.


  • Concrete moulds, Boards, Gears,
  • Mounts, Sockets, Rollers,
  • Bearings, Blades, Pipes,
  • Couplings, Fenders, Conveyors,
  • Bushes, Seals, Tyres,
  • Belts, Wheels, Linings, etc.

What applications are polyurethane products best suited to? 

If you have questions about particular polyurethane products or would like assistance with establishing the most suitable polyurethane products for your part, application or product, please contact us.